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portuguese marble
47"h x 19"w x 20"d, 2004
"'s me, a shattered remnant shooting off into space..."

For Mom and Dad:

I made this sculpture with several goals in mind. First and foremost, I wanted to somehow symbolize the concept of “family” in general, and to represent our family in particular. At the same time, I tried to create a form that would stand on its own and be aesthetically appealing independent of the family symbolism. I wanted to make something that was abstract but with figurative elements. The goal was for the sculpture to be interesting when viewed from all angles, and to encourage the viewer to walk around it. Lastly, I attempted to remove as much mass as possible from the block, while still conveying a sense of volume in the piece.

The marble is Portuguese, from a quarry near the town of Estremoz. I chose it for its color (white) to represent purity and love. The reddish veins can be seen to represent the “life blood” of the family. The block of marble was given to me by the owner of the quarry when he found out it was to be used to make a gift for my parents.

Starting at the bottom, the first major element of the sculpture is the rectangular base. This is the foundation of the piece and likewise represents the foundation of the family. It is meant to symbolize all of the previous generations of both sides of the family (all Thielschers, Turners, Rohrers, Blooms, etc.)

The two large members growing out of the base symbolize both of you. It is out of these two elements that the rest of the sculpture (and therefore the family) grows.

These two large members transition into two thinner segments. In addition, there is the third horizontal segment that connects these two vertical segments. These three segments represent Rob, Tracy and I.

The two vertical segments connect to an egg-shaped element. This egg-shaped element symbolizes all future generations and extended family, including Kim, Mary, the six grandchildren and whoever follows. The egg shape was chosen to represent continuity, fertility and new life.

At this point, you have probably realized that the two vertical segments attached to the egg shape represent Rob and Tracy since they have produced grandchildren……And that the horizontal segment is me, clearly not contributing to future generations, but is instead a shattered remnant shooting off randomly into space. However, I will humbly point out that this broken segment is the only part of the sculpture (other than the base) which contains the very beautiful bright orange veins…….

Finally, the sculpture as a whole, through its figurative form, was intended to signify assorted themes relating to daily family life. As one moves around the sculpture, the form reveals various figures, including a couple embracing or dancing (love, affection, romance), a boy kicking a ball (play), a man puffing out his chest and saluting (pride and discipline). The viewer is encouraged to discover new and different figures.

This sculpture was given as an expression of love and gratitude.