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carrara and belgian black marble
10"h x 17"w x 10"d, 2006
"...the classic struggle between good and evil..."

The white piece is meant to give us a glimmer of hope. Cain is left with the task of continuing on in the world and carrying forward both the good and bad parts of his nature. “Free will” gives Cain the ability to insure that his darker side is kept in check and that his best qualities survive and grow. It is the classic struggle between good and evil. The black spot on the cube signifies the “mark” that God put on Cain in order to protect him.

In a larger sense, this sculpture is meant to represent a common cycle of human emotion and reaction that we all struggle with on a daily basis. This cycle is often initiated by a feeling of rejection or disapproval, which leads to anger, hurt and sometimes jealousy and resentment, followed by a lashing out, and finally ending in feelings of guilt as a result of our actions.