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black belgian marble
8"h x 8"w x 8"d, 2006
" seems that God was not a vegetarian..."

These pieces are meant to represent the three critical events in the life of Cain who, according to the bible, was the son of Adam and Eve and had a brother named Abel. Cain was a farmer and Abel a shepherd, and one day they both brought the products of their labor as an offering to God. It seems that God was not a vegetarian and preferred the lamb brought by Abel instead.

In each of the three pieces, there is a cube and a hand. The cube is meant to symbolize the complexity of human nature. The hand illustrates the various ways we respond as a result of that nature.

The first piece (the fist contained in the black cube) expresses the rejection and disapproval that Cain experienced after offering his gifts, followed by anger, hurt, jealousy and resentment over his brother’s acceptance. Cain is being held prisoner by the emotions he is feeling.